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  • Project BeePro: Rational use of plant protection products and fertilizers in terms of the impact on bees in the ecosystem

    Bee decline has become a major problem because bees are among the most important pollinators of both agricultural crops and wild plants.

    In January 2024, the implementation of the BeePro project: "Rational use of plant protection products and fertilizers in terms of the impacts on bees in the ecosystem" will come to an end. The project aimed to develop useful educational tools for stakeholders  with the intention:

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  • Learning modules tested in Croatia

    Learning modules developed as part of the CAPTIVATE e-learning platform were tested by our Croatian partners last Friday, January 5, in Sisak, Croatia.  

    The pilot testing participants were agro-consultants advising farmers on different areas and segments of the new Common Agricultural Policy, and providing support when applying for various rural development interventions in their daily work.  

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  • Opportunity to sign up for CAPTIVATE content products and services

    We have launched a new, common sign-up form where anyone interested in trying out or engaging more deeply, can select the type of product, and provide brief personal information data (contact, activity, scope of usage), which can help us to take the necessary next steps, such as setting up an account or sharing the relevant URLs. Currently the availabe options are the EAD tool - Sustainability assessment; the Knowledge Repository - Eco-Practices / CAP measures;  the eLearning Platform; the Newsletter; the Guidebook.

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  • Developing the EcoFarm Assessment and Decision Tool

    The EcoFarm Assessment and Decision (EAD) Tool is a central part of the CAPTIVATE project which aims to connect the common agricultural policy (CAP) of the European Union with proven and innovative good eco-management practices on farms. Beside on-farm sustainability assessment, one of the tool’s main objectives is to support farmers in selecting appropriate CAP measures to meet specific farm conditions and to improve environmental sustainability performance. This will lead to better understanding and more effective implementation of CAP measures, and will have a positive impact on the environment, as more farmers will be supported to properly implement the measures.
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  • 3rd CAPTIIVATE newsletter

    Our 3rd project newsletter covering period from January to August 2023 is out! 

    You will read about: 

    • learning activities & testing of Eco Farm Assessment and Decission Tool (EAD tool) 
    • 3rd and 4th transnational project meeting 
    • Learning, Teaching & Training activities 
    • CAPTIVATE presentation at Symposium on Agriculture in Dubrovnik, Croatia 
    • CAP Multiplier events in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia
    • EAD tool process of development


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