Farm management

Rotational grazing

Rotational grazingRotational grazing is a type of agricultural technique in which fields are divided into smaller sections, and animals are rotated through the sections on a regular basis. This technique is used to maintain the quality of the soil and vegetation in the field and to reduce the risk of overgrazing. Rotational grazing can also be used to help manage the spread of diseases and parasites in the animal populations.

Establishing agroforestry systems

Agroforestry systems involve the intentional combination of agricultural activities and forestry practices in the same area. This type of land management is designed to increase the productivity of the land while sustaining natural resources and the environment. Agroforestry systems typically involve a mix of trees, shrubs, and crops that can provide a range of food, fuel, and other materials. Other benefits include soil conservation, improved water infiltration, and better pest control.

Alternating management between permanent crop rows

Alternating management between permanent crop rows is a farming technique in which different crop rows are managed in a variety of ways, such as planting different types of crops, using different fertilizers, and varying irrigation levels. This technique helps to maximize the productivity of each row by taking advantage of the different conditions of the soil and climate.

Wind breaks

Windbreaks are linear plantings of trees and shrubs designed to provide economic, environmental and community benefits. The primary purpose of most windbreaks is to slow the wind which creates a more beneficial condition for soils, crops, livestock, wildlife and people.

Practices as set under organic farming rules

Organic farming rules are a set of practices and standards that promote the sustainability and health of agricultural systems. These rules aim to minimize the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals, while maximizing the use of natural resources and methods to produce safe, healthy food. Organic farming also focuses on soil health, water conservation, and animal welfare.

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