CAPTIVATE certificate

CAPTIVATE trainees who have completed the CAPTIVATE vocational training using the self-learning method will be awarded a certificate, which certifies that they have completed the three modules of the programme and are thus better equipped to apply and transfer knowledge on the implementation of ecological practices based on EU green policies, as well as to use the developed farm assessment tool (EAD) and the knowledge repository platform. The certificate entitles its holder to be included in the list of experts, according to procedures (to be) put in place by national partners.

A short guide to self-learning:

In the e-learning course you will find training content structured by chapters and divided into individual modules. After each chapter, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge by taking a quiz - after answering the questions and submitting the test, you will receive immediate feedback on your knowledge level on the topic. 

After completing all the activities within the course, we ask you to fill in a short evaluation questionnaire, your opinion is important to us and will help us to improve the e-learning platform and the training content of the course.

After completing the required learning activities, the system will automatically generate an electronic certificate for you.

In short: how to get started?

  • Choose modules/chapters: browse the modules and select the chapters that interest you.
  • Read the content: in the course chapters, you will find texts, images, videos and other material to help you understand the topic.
  • Check your knowledge. To successfully complete the quiz, you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly.  
  • Fill in the evaluation questionnaire: once you have mastered all the chapters of the course, please help us improve the online interface and content by filling in the evaluation questionnaire.
  • Download a certificate: after successfully completing the CAPTIVATE course, you can download a certificate that certifies your knowledge and skills in organic farming.

To obtain the certificate: complete all the required activities of the course. All the requirements of the course must be fulfilled.

How to download the certificate: once you have fulfilled the prerequisites, a button will automatically appear to download the certificate. If you have completed the prerequisites, you will be automatically prompted to download the certificate.


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