Expected outcomes and impacts

The expected outcomes of the project on the participants can be identified in several layers. We can categorize the impacts by the different levels and areas where they occur, which usually also determines the target group concerned. 


  • Learners will improve their knowledge of the new CAP and related green farming measures and extend their methodological arsenal, thus will be able to provide a higher quality service. 

  • In relation to the implementation of the new knowledge and services, learners will spread the methodology in their professional network and this will result in better understanding of the new CAP policy and its relation to sustainability among farmers in the learners’ network and smoother transition to the new CAP. 

  • The partner organisations in the project gain a better understanding of sustainability oriented agricultural policy implementation and mechanism of action/success factors through international comparison and knowledge exchange. 

  • The project will enhance the utilisation and efficiency of existing knowledge services managed by the partners. 

  • Project partners will also upgrade their organisational knowledge about farmers' mindsets, motivations and their preferred and least favoured/understood practices, which will leads to better service provision through customer segmentation. The staff of the partner organisations will have a better comprehension of applied and context-based learning activities. 

The main desired impacts linked to the overall goals, results and outcomes of the project are mainly to be identified in the sustainable farming - agricultural policy domain. 

  • The extension service providers will upgrade their methodological knowledge of extension service providers and gain access to a curated list of good eco-farm practices as the complex service tool and the method becomes acclaimed and widely used. 

  • Farming communities accurately understand the links between sustainability, agricultural policy and farming practices, and make more responsible and conscious decisions about the selection of the appropriate schemes, also taking voluntary actions for ecological measures apart from purely financial aspects. 

  • This will improve the take up of subsidies and policy measures under the new CAP, leading to better implementation of projects, management of undertakings, which will have a positive effect on the environment by more farmers carrying out measures properly, validated by the assessment tool. 

  • The results of the project will provide feedback from the field, alignment of requirements, commitments with the reality of farming practices, fostering the bridges between agricultural policy, expert knowledge and good practice in all directions, and giving insights on the practical applicability regulations for policy makers. 


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