57th Croatian and 17th International Symposium on Agriculture in Vodice

IPS Konzalting participated on the 57th Croatian and 17th international Symposium on Agriculture in Vodice on June 21, 2022. 

The main objective of the Symposium on Agriculture is to acquaint agronomists and the general public with the results of the latest scientific research by Croatian and foreign experts, and thus enable a better transfer of scientific achievements to agricultural production.

Symposium seeks to establish better cooperation between scientists from universities, scientific institutions and experts from agriculture, industry, trade and other related activities, i.e., agricultural producers in Croatia, Europe and the world in the common interest area of science and agricultural practice.

At the Symposium, IPS Konzalting presented innovative EU scientific research projects in which IPS participates as a partner - FERTIMANURE, SEA2LAND, NUTRI2CYCLE, CAPTIVATE and FAIRshare - in the section Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. These projects are oriented towards the development and application of sustainable and innovative technologies and practices with the aim of overcoming the challenges associated with food production and climate change.

IPS Konzalting held an oral presentation on the topic “Common agricultural policy - comparison of current and new programming period” with an emphasis on green architecture. Since the CAPTIVATE project aims to acquaint farmers with conditions, eco-schemes and regulations in the field of rural development and encourage them to apply measures aimed at protecting the environment and reducing the negative impact on the climate in accordance with the new CAP, the objectives and activities of the CAPTIVATE project were presented as part of the presentation. 


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