Partnership meeting in Vienna!

We are in Austria on the 3rd TPM of the project, hosted by FiBL-AT, between 16-17 January 2023. This is a crucial and busy period by the CAPTIVATE work plan, right before starting the learning activities, and soon finishing the development of our knowledge base, assessment tool, and e-learning platform. We are also getting ready for the learning teaching training activity, and the preparation for the first wave of multiplier events. After the first year of the project implementation, we have all main pillars of the work constructed, so we need to harmonize and finetune the details, to be able to smoothly connect, for example, the assessment tool indicators, with the potential corresponding farming practices, or those with the requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy, for which we need to apply common metadata assignments, vocabularies, taxonomies, keywords, tags, etc. which can be best achieved during our common workshop setting, also part of the TPM. 

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Grant programme: Erasmus+ programme (KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training)

Project interval: 1 November 2021 / 31 October 2024
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