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In Hungary, during the implementation of the CAPTIVATE project, but continuing over its official timespan, OMKi is working on the development of a partnership of farm advisors, with whose members a more continuous, systematic, and professionally sound cooperation can become possible, compared to the previous ad hoc, occasional opportunities. To be included in the list, OMKi published an open call to receive sign ups from Hungarian professionals who would like to be the among the first ones, to be informed about the programmes developed by OMKi, and to be involved in the activities. 

The main criterion of joining this list is to take the CAPTIVATE online e-learning programme. Trainees who complete the course using the self-learning method are awarded the Certificate at the end, which proves that they have successfully completed all three modules, and are thus better prepared to apply and transfer knowledge on the implementation of ecological practices based on EU green policies, as well as to use the developed farm assessment tool (EAD) and the knowledge repository platform.  

Opportunities and benefits as advertised and to be offered by OMKi in the context of the call and during the cooperation: 

  • inclusion in the invitation list of events and newsletter recipients to get the freshest updates about ongoing activities; 
  • receiving information about projects and opportunities for farm advisors in relation with the work programmes of  OMKi; 
  • first invitation to be involved in projects requiring the participation of advisors;  
  • opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on relevant pre-legislation drafts (such as new national regulations, measures, calls) where OMKi is involved; 
  • receiving OMKi professional publication package; 
  • participating in the prize draw for OMKi’s exclusive gifts package (seed mixes, specialist books). 

What needs to be done to be enrolled on the list of experts? 

The Certificate may entitle its holder for various other benefits and advantages, according to procedures (to be) put in place by national partners, by their local circumstances, above we provided just an example of one of the Hungarian partners.  



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