Beneficial biocontrol organisms

Beneficial biocontrol organisms are living creatures that are used to help control pests and disease in an eco-friendly and natural way. These organisms can include predators, parasites, and other beneficial insects that consume or attack pests, or fungi and bacteria that are used to control plant diseases. Biocontrol organisms can be used to help reduce the use of chemical pesticides and can provide a more sustainable way to manage pests and disease.

Developing the EcoFarm Assessment and Decision Tool

The EcoFarm Assessment and Decision (EAD) Tool is a central part of the CAPTIVATE project which aims to connect the common agricultural policy (CAP) of the European Union with proven and innovative good eco-management practices on farms. Beside on-farm sustainability assessment, one of the tool’s main objectives is to support farmers in selecting appropriate CAP measures to meet specific farm conditions and to improve environmental sustainability performance. This will lead to better understanding and more effective implementation of CAP measures, and will have a positive impact on the environment, as more farmers will be supported to properly implement the measures.
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3rd CAPTIIVATE newsletter

Our 3rd project newsletter covering period from January to August 2023 is out! 

You will read about: 

  • learning activities & testing of Eco Farm Assessment and Decission Tool (EAD tool) 
  • 3rd and 4th transnational project meeting 
  • Learning, Teaching & Training activities 
  • CAPTIVATE presentation at Symposium on Agriculture in Dubrovnik, Croatia 
  • CAP Multiplier events in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia
  • EAD tool process of development




The Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy of the Republic of Croatia 2023-2027, for the first time, enables the provision of support for eco-schemes as one-year climate and environmental interventions within direct payments. Although green payments are being phased out starting from 2023, eco-schemes do not directly replace them because green payments were mandatory for direct payment beneficiaries, while obligations for implementing eco-schemes are voluntarily undertaken by the beneficiaries.

Captivate news category

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